Updated: JUNE 30, 2018

Male impotence is a medical condition characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This is often damaging the relationship and to the self-esteem of the men who suffer from this problem. The causes of impotence may be either physical or psychological. For instance, medical problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes have been linked to impotence; depression and anxiety are other known causes. In a few cases, physical abnormalities or injuries to the penis may be the cause.

Impotence may also be called erectile dysfunction (ED).

More About Impotence

There are several treatment options for impotence. Impotence medications, such as Viagra, are some of the most well-known treatment options, but other methods have also proved effective. Psychosexual therapy may be an effective treatment for impotence caused by psychological or emotional issues. Some men may also have success with other impotence treatment options, such as penis pumps, cock rings and herbal supplements. In rare cases, penile implants may be used to help a man achieve an erection.


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