Updated: APRIL 20, 2020

Implanon is one of the brand names for the etonogestrel contraceptive implant developed by Merck & Co. It is a type of long-acting, reversible contraception that's implanted under the skin of the upper arm by a medical professional. It contains etonogestrel; it is said to be the most effective form of women's birth control. It has a failure rate of only .05% and is more effective than tubal sterilization. Its use began in Indonesia in 1998. Its use in the United States began in 2006. There are now approximately 11 million women who use Implanon and the implant's other brands.

More About Implanon

As with most forms of women's contraception, Implanon comes with some side effects. Its insertion may cause skin irritation and bruising. It may also migrate from its original position, which makes removal more complicated. Minor side effects of the use of Implanon include acne, loss of libido, headaches, and vaginal dryness. Some women also experience irregular bleeding and spotting. Others gain weight. A few women developed ovarian cysts with the use of Implanon, which later disappeared without treatment. Should a women get pregnant, it is important to remove the Implanon so as not to affect the baby's development.


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