Updated: APRIL 24, 2022
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on April 23, 2022

Hypnokink is the non-conventional use of hypnosis for sexual pleasure. This practice is a variety of recreational hypnosis.

The term hypnokink is often used interchangeably with the term erotic hypnosis. However, some people draw a distinction between these two terms, stating that erotic hypnosis is a vanilla sexual activity while hypnokink is a bit kinkier.

People interested in hypnokink may enjoy being placed under hypnosis or placing others under hypnosis. They may also be content reading erotic stories or viewing erotic videos with plots about hypnosis.

Hypnokink can be thought of as a type of BDSM, as it creates a power exchange between a dominant hypnotizer and the submissive person being hypnotized. Hypnokink aims to take control of a submissive’s mind and body, compelling them to do things they may not have imagined, without questioning.

More About Hypnokink

Because the submissive gives up so much control in a hypnokink scene, talking about limits and desires before they go under is crucial. This negotiation is much like the negotiation that occurs before any BDSM scene. The hypnotizer should also talk to their submissive about what hypnosis will feel like, so they understand the state of being they are aiming for.

After negotiation and pretalk, the hypnotist usually performs an induction to put their submissive in a light trance. This trance can then be deepened. Once the trance is deep enough, the hypnotist can put short-term and long-term suggestions for behavior in place. The submissive in then brought awake for aftercare, which is similar to the care after any BDSM scene.

Some established hypnokink couples may skip the negotiation, pretalk and induction in time. Instead, the hypnotist may establish a trance trigger, which lets them quickly put their submissive into a deep trance.

Online spaces including FetLife and Hypbook have helped people interested in or practicing hypnokink to connect. Through these communities, hypnokinksters have learned tips about the practice and felt more comfortable about their kink. They have also connected in the real world through trancing parties and other hypnokink events.


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