Hyper Fetish

Updated: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Hyper fetish, also known as hypertrophilia or hypersexulaity, refers to the sexual fascination with abnormally large body parts, such as a hyper penis, hyper breasts, hyper ass and even hyper muscles. Hyper fetish is usually represented in hentai (animation) porn. In real life, the fetish manifests in people obsessed with artificial breasts and buttocks implants, saline injections, and overly zealous body building.

Hyper fetish is also common in the furry world. In this case, the characters are referred to as hyperfurs and may have exaggerated erogenous areas as well as an enormous tail, feet or paws.

More About Hyper Fetish

Hyper fetish can be a really sexy obsession. In fact, some of the hottest hentai porn involves hyper penises and hyper breasts. However, in real life it is ideal to ground one's expectations. Size does not always predict great sex. In fact, large breasts from artificial implants may lose some sensitivity, while overly large penises can make penetrative sex more difficult or painful.


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