Updated: MAY 5, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on May 5, 2021

A humiliatrix is a type of female dominatrix that specializes in the art of humiliation. Humiliatrixes practice sexual or erotic humiliation, real-life humiliation without an obvious sexual component, or both styles of humiliation on consenting partners and/or clients who pay for the service.

A humiliatrix differs from a traditional dominatrix because they inflict psychological pain. This differs from the physical pain that traditional dominatrixes inflict. A humiliatrix might insult their partners, blackmail them, inflict stress, and mental anguish. She may force a submissive to repeat humiliating phrases or simply laugh at them.

She may request submissives perform degrading tasks, like eating from dog bowls, wearing women’s underwear ("petticoating"), or saying embarrassing things in public. She may also use physical humiliation techniques like face-slapping and spitting. She may use religious humiliation, where she insults the submissive based on their religious beliefs.

Many humilatrixes also use role play when interacting with their partners. They may take on the role of a mother punishing her child, a gold digger swindling a love interest out of money, or a homewrecker that exposes someone’s infidelities to their spouse, for example. They may also use a strap-on penis to simulate a bisexual experience.

After a session, humilatrixes focus on after care. Time spent snuggling and praising the submissive can build them back up after a humiliation session. This process releases the stress hormones from the body released when someone is humiliated and helps return the submissive to a normal, healthy state of functioning. This is especially crucial if the submissive enters subspace during the humiliation session.

Humilatrixes are often paid sex workers. Some professional humilatrixes work with submissive clients face-to-face while others interact with their clients online. Some humiliatrixes are women who use humiliation to dominate their intimate real-life partners. Most people who see humilatrixes are heterosexual men. However, any person aroused by humiliation may seek out a humiliatrix.

More About Humiliatrix

It takes more than simply insulting people to be a good humiliatrix. The most successful humiliatrixes are good at reading their submissives, as they know different people are humiliated by different things. They tailor their sessions to individual people, understanding what techniques will be most effective on them. They are expert communicators who know how to work with submissives to make the experience more positive.

Successful humiliatrixes are also imaginative people who can create humiliating play beyond the submissive’s wildest dreams. Creativity is vital for long-term professional or personal relationships, as spending time with a humilatrix shouldn’t become predictable or stale. A humilatrix must develop new, fresh ideas for submissives to feel humiliated over time.

People may feel aroused by humiliatrixes for several reasons. Some people have significant humiliating experiences linked to their sexuality, such as being rejected by an object of their affection. From that point forward, being humiliated may trigger arousal.

There is research around the psychology of shame that shows that the adrenaline from humiliation can be sexually arousing. There is even evidence that humiliation and other forms of BDSM can have therapeutic benefits.

Interacting with a humiliatrix can also be a form of escapism for some people. People who are often well respected or powerful may enjoy sexual humiliation as it takes them out of their usual role. Being humiliated or submissive as a man is also taboo. Men who see humiliatrixes may feel turned on simply because they know they’re behaving in a way that goes against the social norm.

Spending time with a humiliatrix can be a healthy way to enjoy humiliation. However, if the person interacting with a humiliatrix feels ashamed of their desires, this can cause them some distress. Working with a counsellor can be a great way to understand the sexual response better and feel at peace with it.

As with all BDSM activities, consent is vital for working with a humilatrix. A humilatrix and her submissive understand that both enter into the relationship voluntarily. They also understand that while they receive initial consent, the submissive may withdraw consent at any time. A humiliatrix should establish a safe word with each submissive, and a safe action as a back up.

The submissive can use the safe word or action if they feel truly uncomfortable and want play to stop. This measure ensures play stays a positive and emotionally and physically safe activity. They also establish any hard limits. Once a hard limit is established, the humiliatrix will respect this and not infringe on the limit, even though she knows this would humiliate the submissive.


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