Updated: DECEMBER 19, 2016

A humbler is a type of physical restraint device used in the BDSM for cock and ball torture. It restricts the movement of the wearer by cuffing the testicles around the base of the scrotum. The humbler consists of a testicle cuff which is mounted at the midpoint of a bar which sits at the base of the buttocks, behind the wearer’s thighs.

The device gets its name because the wearer must stay in a crouched or "humble" position while wearing it to remain comfortable. Any attempt to stretch out or stand will provide an extreme, painful tug to the testicles.

More About Humbler

A person wearing a humbler is forced to keep their legs bent at the knee, as any attempt to straighten the legs will cause the device to pull painfully against the scrotum. Therefore, the only way that a person restrained by a humbler is able to move is to crawl about on their knees or on all fours. This can feel quite humiliating for the wearer, so a humbler is commonly used during humiliation play.

Illustrated image shows how the Master Series Enforcer humbler is used. The testicles are trapped between the bars of the device in the middle of the Humbler. The two sides of the Humbler then rest behind the thighs when worn and prevent the person from standing up. | Kinkly ShopExample of a humbler being used. Pictured: Master Series Enforcer.

Common, a wearer is locked into the humbler by a dominant partner who also maintains control of the device’s key. This helps reinforce the couple's BDSM power dynamic.

While wearing a humbler, the wearer’s genitals are easily accessible to a partner who may choose to manually stimulate or spank them. Some humblers can be connected to electrosex units which allow "captors" to administer electric charges to the wearer's genitals. This is another way to reinforce the vulnerability and submission of someone strapped into the humbler.

Care must be taken when fastening the humbler to ensure it does not pinch the genitals, causing pain.



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