Updated: MARCH 23, 2022
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on February 1, 2022

A hotwife is term used in swinger communities to refer to an attractive married woman who has sexual relationships with other men, typically with the consent of her husband, who is commonly known as a cuckold. As a consensual dynamic, this one can be very arousing for both people. For the male partner, there's the arousal of seeing his "hot" wife with someone else, and possibly a sense of humiliation in being displaced. For the female partner, being able to wield her sexual power to attract other partners and enjoy those relationships can be really empowering as well. For both both partners, the taboo nature of "cheating" on a spouse can also be a turn-on.

A hotwife may also be called a slutwife.

More About Hotwife

Usually a hotwife’s husband is involved in her sexual dalliances in some way. Often he will join in, forming a threesome, or he will simply watch his wife having sex with someone else.

Swinging and those engaging in some part of the swingers' lifestyle is not uncommon. In 2002, swingers' rights were added to the mission of the American National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. It is believed that the rise of the internet and, later, smartphones, contributed to the growth of swinging by allowing more people to find willing partners to engage with.

Swingers typically find partners online and in local community gatherings like swingers' clubs and parties. Some hotwives also wear special jewelry to show their engagement in the lifestyle.

Some have argued that the hotwifing dynamic can carry troubling implications if the husband is the one calling all the shots, essentially choreographing his own pleasure and making the wife a less-than-enthusiastic player in those scripts. It has also been suggested that the fact that the concept of "hot husbands" is relatively rare suggests the perpetration of unhealthy male/female power dynamics in sex.


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