Hogtie Harness

Updated: SEPTEMBER 18, 2017

A hogtie harness is a type of harness (either worn, usually made of leather; or tied on a person with rope) that allows the person to be bound in the hogtie position. The Hogtie position is when the person has their arms tied behind their back and their legs bent back and tied to, or close by, their hands. It can also be done by tying the person's hands and feet together at the front, although that is less frequent in BDSM circles.

More About Hogtie Harness

Sportsheets 5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set - Kinkly ShopExample of a hogtie harness. Pictured: Sportsheets 5-Piece Hogtie Set.

This technique is called hogtie because of the old technique of restraining pigs (hogs) and other animals by tying their four legs together.

Hogties on humans have also been done for a long time, usually for means of punishment, imprisonment, or public humiliation.



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