Updated: DECEMBER 22, 2021

A hobosexual is a tongue-in-cheek slang term used to refer to an individual who is attracted to those with an unkempt appearance. It is also a term used to describe an individual who does not care or put much time into their physical appearance.

Terms like hobosexual are used to poke fun at the types of people we may be attracted to, but they are typically used in jest. This term is also used as an antonym of metrosexual.

An alternate, and more sinister, definition to this term refers to someone who enters a relationship in order to secure a place to live, and may even be used to refer to someone who manipulates others in order to take advantage of their generosity.

More About Hobosexual

Several internet articles cite Nakita Nicci as the person who coined the term hobosexual in a 2017 article. The term first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2005, but has had its definition updated several times over the years.

While the types of people one might be attracted to are unique and interesting idiosyncrasies, there is a big difference between being attracted to someone with an unkempt appearance and falling victim to emotional abuse and manipulation. Because the initial entry in Urban Dictionary refers to the lighter side of this term, it's possible that the term shifted in meaning over time as more stories came out about this form of intimate partner abuse.


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