Hairbrush Spanking

Updated: OCTOBER 14, 2019

Hairbrush spanking refers to the process of erotically spanking one’s partner with a hairbrush in order to titillate the erogenous zones while affirming one’s dominance in the relationship. Hairbrushes can also used in relationships where the couple is still experimenting with S&M. Many people start with hairbrushes before moving on to additional accessories such as whips, canes, or rods. There are also fetish groups dedicated to hairbrush spanking.

More About Hairbrush Spanking

In medieval times, husbands spanked their wives with a hairbrush in both an erotic and non-erotic situation. Hairbrush spanking is also very present in D/s relationships. Submissives can adopt various positions to receive the hairbrush spanking. The most popular one is where the sub partner is front-down across the Dom’s lap.

There are several implements and furniture that are designed to enhance hairbrush spanking. The most popular is the spanking bench. Female submissive partners can also wear a spanking skirt that leaves the buttocks bare.


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