Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2019

A gusher is a woman who squirts a fluid, known as female ejaculate, when she orgasms. This most commonly occurs when the G-spot is stimulated, producing what’s called a G-spot orgasm.

Every woman has the biological anatomy to be a gusher, but many women never ejaculate during orgasm. An inability to relax or weak pelvic-floor muscles may inhibit female ejaculation.

More About Gusher

It’s unclear exactly what the liquid a gusher expels during orgasm is. As late as the 1980s, doctors believe the fluid was urine. However, new research suggests that female ejaculate may come from the Skene’s glands found on the vagina’s anterior wall.

Since female ejaculation most commonly occurs during a G-spot orgasm, certain positions are most likely to make women gush. Woman-on-top or man-from-behind positions tend to provide the right stimulation and deep penetration needed for female ejaculation. Stimulating the clitoris during this kind of penetration can also improve the chances of gushing.

Female ejaculation can also occur through masturbation, with or without a partner. Digital stimulation or the use of sex toys, especially G-spot stimulators, can also encourage gushing.

Given the nature of the term, most people assume gushers expel a significant amount of female ejaculate at the point of orgasm. However, the amount of liquid can be as little as a teaspoonful. It can get messy if a gusher expels a lot of liquid during orgasm. Mattress protectors and towels can help protect the bed from female ejaculate. This substance is also usually removed from bedding during an ordinary wash cycle.


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