Glove Worship

Updated: NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Glove worship describes the act of showing appreciation for a pair of gloves generally when they are worn by a dominant partner. Glove worship is often performed by a submissive individual with a fetish for gloves. However, glove worship is not exclusive to the BDSM community. Many people outside of the community also participate in glove worship.

More About Glove Worship

Glove worship is generally a sensual experience which can help strengthen the bond between a submissive individual and the dominant partner. During glove worship, submissives might caress gloved hands with their own hands, face, or other body parts. With the permission of their dominant, submissives might also lick or suck their partner's gloved fingers. In some cases, a dominant partner may request their submissive to wear the gloves.

Glove worship may be performed on a variety of glove types depending on the individual’s preference. Gloves may have different lengths from short cuff gloves to long opera gloves. They may be made from a range of different materials including leather, satin, velvet, cotton, latex, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Glove worship may form part of a larger BDSM style scene. For example, latex gloves may be worn and worshipped during medical play while leather gloves may be worn and worshipped if individuals are roleplaying as police officers or horse riders. Some dominants like to wear gloves to spank their submissives. Gloves may be removed and used to slap a submissive’s face as punishment during humiliation play.


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