Ghetto Booty

Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2019

Ghetto booty is a slang term to describe a full, round, derriere that is usually part of a female. A ghetto booty is so large that it can usually be seen from both the back and the front.

Race plays no part in whether a person has a ghetto booty or not. However, it’s generally accepted that a higher proportion of black and Hispanic women have ghetto booties than white or Asian women.

More About Ghetto Booty

Many men have a preference for a ghetto booty, believing this is one of the hallmarks of a “real woman.” Conversely, some say that men who don’t like ghetto booties cannot handle real womanly curves.

Men who love ghetto booties may choose sexual positions which allow them to view this body part, such as doggy style and anal sex.

While ghetto booty is most commonly used to refer to a woman’s backside, it can also be used to describe a man’s with the same properties.

Despite its common usage, the term ghetto booty can offend people who believe it’s a racial slur.


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