Updated: OCTOBER 16, 2017

Genitorture is the torture or extreme punishment inflicted on the genital areas. Genitorture occurs to enhance sexual interactions, especially within the BDSM community.

The term genitorture is a portmanteau of the words genital and torture. It is most commonly used to describe the inflicting of pain on the male genitals. It can also be called cock and ball torture. When pain is inflicted on female genitals, it’s usually called female genitorture.

More About Genitorture

Genitorture is an element of BDSM play which focuses on the pain and pleasure that can come from genital stimulation. Genitorture may involve clamping, slapping or hitting, pinching, abrading, or whipping the genitals. The dominant partner may also pierce the submissive’s genitals, expose them to hot or cold temperatures, or use electrical currents. Genitorture can involve sex toys, household objects like candles and rope, or no external aids at all.

While pain is associated with genitorture, and is often just one element of it. Genitorture isn’t always painful. The play can be sensual and focused on leaving the submissive person on the brink of orgasm or forcing them to have multiple orgasms. Simply exposing the genitals, especially in a public setting can also be a kind of torture. Genitorture can also have elements of role play. For example, the dominant may take on the role of a doctor while the submissive is a patient, or the dominant could be a captor and the submissive is a victim.

As with any BDSM play, the submissive is showing great trust in the dominant. This trust should never be abused. Safe words should be established and respected. What might feel like light play for one submissive may be agony for another. Take caution when restricting circulation, as this can cause permanent damage. Fractures can also occur during genitorture. If serious pain results from your play or you hear a cracking sound, seek immediate medical attention.


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