Genital Sex

Updated: SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Genital sex is sex involving two sets of genitals; it is typically used to refer to penis-in-vagina sex. This term is commonly used in the legal industry and other formal settings.

Genital sex is the opposite of non-genital sex, which includes anal sex and oral sex. These sex acts are non-genital sex because they don’t involve the genitals of both partners.

Genital sex is sometimes called genital-to-genital sex, sexual intercourse or vaginal sex.

More About Genital Sex

People have genital sex for many reasons. As with other forms of sex, genital sex feels good because our genitals contain many nerve endings. Genital sex can also help us feel closer to our partners and more connected to ourselves. Unlike other forms of sexual activity, genital sex can be used as a way to start a pregnancy. However, while genital sex tends to have a primary focus in culture, it is not the best or only type of "sex." Sex can be defined in many ways, some of which do not have to involve the genitals at all.

The best genital sex often occurs when people communicate and take their time pleasuring one another. Feeling emotionally drawn to a partner, as well as physically connected, can make genital sex more significant for many people.

All sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted through genital sex. Taking precautions helps people stay safe and enjoy genital sex. Routine STI checks can ensure you and your partner are free of these infections. Using condoms and dental dams can also prevent the spread of infections. These tools are especially important early in relationships, as some STIs are undetectable at first.


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