Genital Clamp

Updated: AUGUST 29, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on May 18, 2021

A genital clamp is a type of wearable sex aid worn on the genitals either before or during sex. People of any gender can wear genital clamps. They can be used as a form of sexual pain/pleasure during a BDSM scene, worn as an additional piece of jewelry, or just to increase sensitivity.

How Do Genital Clamps Work?

Genital clamps work by applying pressure to the genitals and restricting blood flow in this area. The wearer feels pleasure when the pressure is applied and again when the genital clamp is removed and pressure is released. Genital clamps can also make parts of the genitals more accessible for stimulation. Genital clamps can be applied to the base of the clitoris, labia, or the skin of the scrotum.

People may apply genital clamps to themselves or to their intimate partners who want to wear them during foreplay. They may apply them in the privacy of their home or wear them out, underneath their clothes, to add a sexy twist to date night.

Which Genital Clamps Should I Buy?

There are a number of different styles of genital clamps. Many of them are spring-loaded metal clips with rubber tips to prevent serious injury.

Example of a genital clamp. This is the Spartacus Beaded Clit Clamp. The basic design is similar to spaghetti serving tongs. At the end of each of the "tongs", there is a rubber tip to prevent the clamp from digging into the skin. Two purple beads and one black bead hang off the opposing end of the clamp where the two arms come together. | KinklyExample of a genital clamp. This is the Spartacus Beaded Clit Clamp.

Genital clamps with tension adjusters let you customize the sensations you or a partner feel. Some genital clamps have weighted beads attached which swing to enhance pleasurable sensations. Battery-powered genital clamps add vibrating sensations to the genitals. Some genital clamps can also be attached to nipple clamps with chains.

However, people who are looking to try genital clamps for the first time need not spend a fortune at first. Nipple clamps that apply gentle pressure can also double as genital clamps.

If you’re ready to try commercial genital clamps, do your research carefully. Think about the material, weight, and size of the clamp. Smaller, lighter clamps with adjustable tightness are recommended for newbies while people more familiar with genital clamps may appreciate the extra stimulation of larger, heavier clamps.

Specific genital clamps have different names and nicknames. For example, a clitoris clamp (clit clamp) or labia clamp is a type of genital clamp. This naming system is similar to nipple clamps.

More About Genital Clamp

Genital clamps can add another dimension of intensity to your sex play, alone or with a partner. Some clamps are simple, resembling clothes pins or alligator clips, while others can be more intricate, with straps that wrap around the thighs or integrate into a harness system.

How to Use Genital Clamps

Wearing genital clamps should not be painful, although they may be uncomfortable at first. You can get used to the sensations by trying the clamps on less vulnerable parts of the body such as a fingertip or an earlobe. Once you feel comfortable with these sensations, try stimulating your genitals, either through masturbation with fingers, a sex toy, or oral sex, to stimulate blood flow.

After you feel aroused, you can move the clamp to your genitals. Adding some lube to the clamp can make it feel more comfortable, but be careful not to overdo it: too much lube can make it difficult for the clamp to stay on.

Once the genital clamp is in place, you can enjoy whatever sexual activities feel comfortable for you. Many people have penetrative vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex while wearing genital clamps.

It’s a good idea to remove the genital clamp just before orgasm. Try timing your orgasm with removing the genital clamp to intensify the sensations of your climax. Remove the clamp by opening it, not by pulling it off.

To spice up your play with genital clamps, consider heating or cooling them. Putting your genital clamp in the fridge or freezer or warming it by pouring warm liquid over it is a great way to further enhance the sensations of using genital clamps. Make sure the genital clamp feels warm (rather than hot) and cool (rather than frigid) to prevent injury.

Note that some materials, like stainless steel, hold heat and cold better than others (like silicone), so experiment with different genital clamps to find the ones that work best for your preferred temperature play.

You can also add weights to some genital clamps. Adding weights pulls at the genitals, creating a kind of pleasure-pain response. Take care when adding weights though, as too much extra weight can tear the skin.

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Genital Clamp Safety

Genital clamps should not be worn tightly for too long. It's hard to give a hard-and-fast rule about wear time because multiple factors play into it including the style of the clamp, how tightly it's on, how often you've worn it, how high your heart rate is, and more!

As a general rule, however, anything that restricts blood flow should not be worn longer than 10-20 minutes.

General genital clamp safety includes:

  • Limit your play session to 10-20 minutes if the genital clamp restricts blood flow in any manner.
  • Run your fingers fully over your clamp before every use to ensure there are no sharp edges.
  • Avoid materials that may cause irritation - including allergic reactions.
  • Never use clamps on broken or bruised skin.
  • Monitor the skin and remove the clamp if it changes in appearance (like a darkening, blue color, or purple color).
  • Avoid tugging a fully-tightened clamp off. Always fully loosen the clamp before removal.
  • Err on the side of caution at all times. You can always use the genital clamps again another day!

If you’re planning on wearing a genital clamp underneath your clothes for an extended period, loosen the clamp so it doesn’t overly restrict the blood flow. Otherwise, you may cause some nerve and tissue damage.

Depending on the placement and where your nerve pathways run, genital clamps can cause nerve damage. If you experience tingling, areas "falling asleep" feelings, or "weird" feelings after applying a genital clamp, remove it right away.



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