Gender Euphoria

Updated: JULY 1, 2019

Gender euphoria is the extreme happiness people feel when they and others see themselves as the gender they identify with.

Gender euphoria is the opposite of gender dysphoria. The term is most commonly used to describe the happiness transgender people feel when they receive acceptance from themselves and others. However, body-positive cisgender people can also experience gender euphoria.

More About Gender Euphoria

Transgender people may feel gender euphoria whenever they are accepted as someone of the gender they identify with. This may occur when transgender people dress in the clothes typical of the gender they identify with, after gender reassignment surgery, or when members of society use their preferred pronouns, for example.

Transgender people often transition from having regular feelings of gender dysphoria to regular feelings of gender euphoria as they learn to accept themselves and present in ways that are typical for the gender they identify with. As this process occurs, loved ones and acquaintances may also become more accepting, leading to further gender euphoria.

While the term gender euphoria is most commonly applied to transgender people, cisgender people may also experience gender euphoria when they feel proud to look at themselves in the mirror. Cisgender women, for example, may experience gender euphoria when they glam up in a special dress for an evening out, for example.

As with other types of euphoria, the high of gender euphoria tends to diminish over time. While certain circumstances can still trigger this rush, most commonly people learn to have a quiet acceptance and pleasure of their gender identity matching the way they present to society.


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