Gay Bashing

Updated: APRIL 1, 2019

Gay bashing is any physical or verbal attack on a homosexual person, group of homosexual people, or any individual or group perceived to be homosexual. Gay bashing is typically unprovoked and performed by heterosexual people who do not understand or accept homosexuality. Gay bashing is a type of hate crime.

Gay bashing is also called queer bashing, especially in the United Kingdom.

More About Gay Bashing

Gay bashing may include physical violence, with punches thrown, spitting, or even murder. Gay bashing can also include verbal attacks, including the use of sexual slurs, threats of violence, or expletives. Gay bashing can occur anywhere, including public places, parties, schools, and workplaces. Most commonly, the gay person or people are present during the attack. However, gay bashing can also occur when the gay person or people are absent, such as at political rallies or protests led by conservative groups.

Gay bashing can have a devastating effect on the victims and the wider LGBTQIA community, making them feel fearful, unwanted, and disrespected. However, gay bashing can also expose homophobia and encourage politicians and community leaders to take greater steps to protect LGBTQIA people.

The victims of gay bashing, in its strictest sense, are homosexual men or women, or people perceived to be gay. However, the term may also be applied to attacks on any members of the LGBTQIA community, including bisexual and transgender individuals or groups.

Not every act of violence committed towards homosexual people or groups is gay bashing. The violence must be driven because the aggressor is uncomfortable or intolerant of the victim or victim’s sexuality or perceived sexuality.


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