Updated: JUNE 29, 2020

The G-spot is a bean-shaped area on the front inside wall of the vagina that produces strong orgasms and sometimes female ejaculation when stimulated. Although there is still some debate about this pleasure zone and how it works, dissection of cadavers has found that the area exists and is different from the surrounding tissue, although no one is yet sure exactly what its function is.

More About G-Spot

The G-spot is located one to three inches the front inside wall of the vagina. Inserting a finger and making a "come hither" motion is the easiest way to locate it. It also has a spongier texture than the surrounding vaginal tissue.

Most women report the sensation of having to urinate when the G-spot is stimulated and may also mistake female ejaculation for urination, but these are completely different things. Most women report that achieving an orgasm from G-spot stimulation is a different type of orgasm than one from clitoral stimulation in that it tends to be more intense and full bodied than a clitoral orgasm. There are vibrators and other sex toys specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. It may also be stimulated through rear entry sex positions such as doggy style.


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