French Tickler

Updated: SEPTEMBER 7, 2022

A French tickler is a special type of sex toy worn on the penis for penetrative intercourse. Its distinctive bumps or protrusions are designed to make sex more pleasurable for the receiver. The French tickler gets its name because of the sensations it produces for the receiver.

Some French ticklers are covered with soft bumps while others have protrusions concentrated around the tickler's tip. They are typically made of jelly, rubber, latex, or another soft material.

This sex toy should not be confused with a man’s goatee which is also sometimes referred to as a French tickler when he performs cunnilingus on a vulva-owning partner.

More About French Tickler

The French tickler's nodules not only stimulate the receiver, but they also increase the wearer’s girth to further enhance sexual pleasure. Because of its texture and shape, the French tickler can also lengthen the penis by up to two inches. Wearing a French tickler can help stimulate their partner's G-spot.

French ticklers are available in a range of colors and designs. Some novelty French ticklers are even created to resemble plants or animals. Others glow in the dark. It's recommended that couples use French ticklers in combination with a water based lubricant.

While French ticklers are worn like a condom, they provide no safer sex barrier protection. They are not guaranteed to prevent accidental pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


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