Free Balling

Published: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Free balling is the colloquial term for the male practice of wearing clothes without underpants. The term refers to the preference of “free ballers” for letting their testicles, or balls, be free, rather than restrained within underpants.

The term free balling is often used interchangeably with another colloquial term "going commando." However, people of any gender can go commando. Free balling is a male-specific term.

More About Free Balling

Many men say they are more comfortable rejecting underwear and free balling. They enjoy the feeling of letting their genitals hang freely and the increased airflow. They also don’t have to worry about underwear riding up around the anus or genitals. Free balling can be so pleasurable that it causes erections, particularly among younger men and men working out. These spontaneous erections are likely to become less common over time, as men become used to the feeling of free balling. Some evidence also suggests men who free ball have better quality sperm and a lower risk of testicular cancer as their testicles are kept at a lower temperature.

Free ballers feel most comfortable wearing soft pants made of cotton or fleece. More abrasive fabrics such as denim or twill may irritate the genitals, especially for men unused to free balling. Wearing looser pants will also feel more comfortable than free balling in tight jeans. Moisturizing the genitals can help prevent chaffing. Men who free ball should also take care when zipping up their pants or sitting down to prevent genital injuries.

Some men free ball all the time while only wear underwear on occasion, such as when they will have to change in front of others after playing sport. Others will free ball when they are wearing longer pants but wear underpants with shorts, as their genitals are less likely to spill out during exercise or show when they sit down.

Free balling is an act of owning masculinity, so it should be done with confidence. If you are committing to free balling when changing in front of others, such as at the gym, do it without hesitation. If you do not make a big deal out of your choice to free ball, chances are others won’t either.


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