Forced Bi

Updated: MAY 18, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire

Forced bi is a BDSM practice where a dominant compels a submissive to engage in sexual activities with someone of the same sex. There are many other names for forced bi, including "coerced bi," "encouraged bi" or—the long-form term—"forced bisexuality."

A dominant may start a forced bi scene in various ways, depending on their style of domination. They may be harsh with their submissive. For example, they could order them to participate and humiliate them by judging their desires. They may also take a much softer approach, enticing their submissive with encouragement or gentle teasing.

During a forced bi encounter, the submissive continues playing the submissive role while the new person takes on the dominant’s role. The new dominant may anally penetrate the submissive with a penis or strap-on or force the submissive to give them oral sex, for example. The submissive’s regular dominant partner often watches the sexual encounter unfold. They may even suggest ways the new dominant could interact with their partner, although they are rarely active participants in the scene.

Forced bi scenes are a way for dominants to assert their control over their submissives. They also give the submissive a chance to show how well they can follow their dominant’s orders. A dominant may also use a forced bi scene as a form of humiliation play. Many people enjoy forced bi because it reinforces their roles in a BDSM relationship. Some submissives also enjoy the idea of being "given" to another person and used for their sexual pleasure. For some submissives, forced bi can be a safe way to explore their sexuality within the boundaries of a straight relationship.

More About Forced Bi

Forced bi is most commonly seen in heterosexual BDSM relationships with a dominant female and submissive male. However, straight couples with a dominant male and straight female can also enjoy forced bi scenes. "Forced MM" is another name for forced bi with a submissive male. In this abbreviation, "MM" stands for "male-male." "Forced FF" is another name for forced bi with a submissive female, with "FF" standing for "female-female."

"Forced MF" is a common equivalent for homosexual BDSM relationships. In this variation, a dominant compels their submissive to engage in sexual activities with people of the opposite sex. In this term, "MF" stands for "male-female."

Some members of the BDSM community criticize the term forced bi—and its homosexual equivalent, "forced MF"—as they don't reflect the full spectrum of gender and sexuality. These terms leave out many members of the BDSM community, including pansexuals, transgender people, and heteroflexible submissives.

There are also some people who criticize the practice of forced bi itself. While making submissives feel vulnerable and taking them outside their comfort zone is common in BDSM, critics are uncomfortable with the way this practice often encourages same-sex sex play for humiliation. By forcing someone to play sexually with a person of the same gender to humiliate them, it suggests that same-sex play is objectionable. People uncomfortable with forced bi as a practice say it is homophobic or biphobic.

There is a common perception that submissives open to forced bi are bi-curious or even closeted homosexuals. However, many submissives deny this, saying they participate in forced bi simply to please their dominant partner. These submissives claim participating in forced bi is a way to show their commitment to their submissive role, rather than a way to act on sexual desires outside their relationship.

The term forced bi suggests the dominant gets the submissive to engage in bisexual sex against their will. However, as with all ethical BDSM practices, consent is crucial. The dominant and submissive should discuss the idea of forced bi ahead of time to see whether the submissive is open to this kind of scene. If participating in forced bi crosses the submissive’s hard limits, a responsible dominant will respect their submissive’s wishes. If they are both open to the idea, the dominant may set a forced bi scene up. This involves finding a third party who also freely consents to the scene. A forced bi scene may push a submissive to their limits, but they always have the power to stop the scene if they feel too uncomfortable with a safeword or action. As they imply consent, some people feel more comfortable with the terms "coerced bi" and "encouraged bi" than forced bi.


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