Forced Anal

Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2021

Forced anal is essentially a sexual role playing activity between a dominant and a submissive with anal sex at its center. In any forced activity scene, the premise is that the dominant partner is forcing the submissive partner to partake in the activity; in this case, anal sex. This may entail restraining the submissive partner so they are at the dominant partner's mercy.

Forced anal is also a very common scenario in pornography. Although these scenes are for entertainment, they may not include the nuance of an actual negotiated BDSM scene.

More About Forced Anal

It is important to remember that forced activity scenes are just that - scenes. They must be negotiated beforehand and the partners must agree on which activities will and will not take place. Safe words must be established so that either partner can stop the scene if they feel unsafe or are no longer into it.

All anal play - whether in a forced role play or not - should involve adequate warm up and plenty of lube to avoid the potential for injury.


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