Flooding the Cave

Updated: MAY 1, 2018

Flooding the cave is the slang term for urinating inside a sexual partner during intercourse. The term refers to a flood of urine entering a bodily cavity, or cave. You can flood the cave during penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

Flooding the cave is a difficult sex act because it is hard for a fully erect and aroused man to urinate. However, with concentration and practice, heterosexual and homosexual male couples can both flood the cave.

More About Flooding the Cave

Flooding the cave can feel pleasurable for both the giver and receiver. The person urinating can feel a sense of relief at releasing the urine. They may also find they can last longer during sex. The receiver may find the stream of urine stimulates internal erogenous zones like the G-spot or prostate.

People with a fetish for flooding the cave may take the act one step further and drink the urine, which may be mixed with vaginal fluids and semen. Urine is sterile, so the liquid should be safe to consume, but it may not be very palatable.

Flooding the cave requires condom-free sex, so it should only be attempted by monogamous, disease-free couples. Among these couples, there is no greater health risk than any other traditional sex act as urine is sterile.

Flooding the cave can be messy. To make clean-up easy, it’s best attempted over a plastic sheet or on a tiled floor.


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