Updated: SEPTEMBER 12, 2022
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A flogger is a device or type of sex toy used to flog, or whip, a consenting partner, usually during a BDSM scene. Floggers typically consist of several tails attached to a rigid handle. The tails may be made from a number of materials, including horsehair, rubber, or leather.

To flog a person is to hit or strike a person’s bottom or back repeatedly with a flogger (a leather or rope instrument that looks similar to a cat-o-nine tails), while they hold onto or are tied to a wall or bed. In this case, the term "flogger" can also refer to the person doing the flogging. This is generally considered to be a BDSM activity, although it can be done by anyone possessing a flogger.

Flogging someone does not have to be something that causes the receiver pain in any way and it isn’t always an extreme sexual activity. In BDSM, the aim isn't to harm but to use pain to increase sensation, and therefore sexual pleasure.

More About Flogger

Flogging is something of an art. When flogging someone, the flogger should start out slowly and softly, and take cues from his or her partner. Establishing a safe word is important during a flogging scene. The traffic light code - green for continue, yellow to slow down, and red to stop - is very common.

More advanced and experienced floggers may use harder materials, such as chains, to flog. This is not recommended for unpracticed floggers as the materials can be painful and leave marks.

Floggers are made up of a few key parts:

  • Shaft: The handle of the flogger
  • Butt: The end of the handle. This may include a knot at the end, or a loop for hanging the flogger and holding on one's wrist.
  • Neck: Where the tails attach to the shaft
  • Tails/tresses/falls: The part of the flogger that actually does the flogging. Different materials produce different sensations and levels of intensity.

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