Flash the Headlights

Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2018

Flash the headlights is a slang expression meaning to expose one’s bare breasts.

The phrase is a variation of the colloquial term flash, meaning to expose an area of the body that’s normally covered up. The word headlights is typically used as a slang term for breasts, because they are round and often pale colored, like a car’s headlights.

More About Flash the Headlights

A woman must completely expose her breasts, including her nipples, to flash the headlights. Some believe only a whole breast can be classed as a headlight, while others feel the term headlights referred to nipples.

A woman typically flashes her headlights to get attention. She may look to get the attention of a particular person or any passers-by. Groupies often flash their headlights so their favorite celebrities notice them. It’s also not uncommon for young girls to flash their headlights at parties, particularly when they’re under the influence of alcohol. Female exhibitionists may also enjoy flashing their headlights.

As public nudity is illegal in many places, anyone flashing their headlights could be charged by police with disorderly conduct.


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