Finger Outside Vagina

Updated: JULY 17, 2017

Finger outside vagina (FOV) is a type of sensual massage that involves the touching of a female’s genital area, including her clitoris and vulva, without digital penetration.

Finger outside vagina is typically shortened to the acronym FOV, especially in field reports posted by johns online and the menus of sex workers.

More About Finger Outside Vagina

During a finger outside vagina massage, the vulva and clitoris are massaged with the fingers. The clitoral glans or shaft may also be massaged indirectly through the clitoral hood during this type of massage.

The term finger outside vagina is most commonly used within the sex industry. Many sex workers permit their clients to give them finger outside vagina massages, often under the proviso that the clients hands are clean and the nails trimmed. While the term is used almost exclusively in the sex industry, the practice is common among couples with more traditional relationships, often as part of foreplay.

While a finger outside vagina is generally considered one of the safer sex practices, that doesn’t mean that it is without risks. Long or jagged nails can tear the delicate flesh of the genital region, and these cuts can easily become infected. A cut or infection on the fingers can also transmit diseases. For this reason, it’s best for people with cuts to abstain from finger outside vagina massages. A small cut can be undetectable, so it’s advisable to wear latex gloves for this massage, or at least wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Separate latex gloves should be worn for vaginal and anal massages.


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