Finger In Rear

Updated: JUNE 8, 2020

Finger in rear (FIR) is a term used within the sex industry to refer to digital penetration of the anus. This acronym is commonly seen on the menus of sex workers and in the field reports posted online by clients of the sex industry.

Finger in Rear is also known as finger in ass (FIA).

More About Finger In Rear (FIR)

Finger in rear is a service provided by some sex workers. Depending on the sex worker and the desires of the client, a sex worker may give or receive this service.

The anal area has a high concentration of nerve endings, which can make stimulation pleasurable, especially if a personal lubricant is applied. This is important for comfort as well, as the anus has no natural lubrication. Finger in rear can stimulate the male prostate and the female perineal sponge.

People most commonly practice finger in rear with just a pinky finger, as this is the smallest and most comfortable way to begin anal stimulation. However, other fingers and even multiple fingers may be used for a more intense sensation.

Finger in rear is typically considered a safe sex act, although it carries more risks than other acts due to the parasites and bacteria that may be present in fecal matter. Anal tissue is also delicate and can tear easily. For these reasons, extra care should be taken by washing hands and trimming the nails before anal play. It’s also strongly advised that sex workers and their clients wear latex gloves when engaging in finger in rear. Many sex workers insist on this before agreeing to the service.


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