Fetish Sex

Updated: MARCH 9, 2016

Fetish sex is sex that is made particularly pleasurable by the inclusion of a particular item or set of circumstances (the participant's fetish). In the case of some fetish sex the inclusion of the fetish is necessary for pleasure to occur. Fetishes are desirous fixations. They may be sexual in nature, but having a fetish doesn not necessarily mean that a person sexually acts on it. Fetish sex is the incorporation of the fixation or fetish into sex play.

More About Fetish Sex

The term fetish sex is sometimes used as a catchall to refer to kinky sex or BDSM play. This is something partners should discuss to ensure that they are are on the same page.

Fetishes can be sexual in nature but often are not. These fetishes can still be incorporated into sex. An example of this would be fire play. A fire fetish is not inherently sexual but inclusion of it in the sexual play would make that fetish sex.


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