Fetish Model

Updated: FEBRUARY 1, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on February 1, 2022

A fetish model is a person who models fetish clothing or accessories that present their body in a fetish manner. These models aim to encourage people to invest in fetish clothes, subscribe to the websites they’re featured in, and purchase fetish magazines.

Fetish models wear fashion items specifically designed to inspire strong emotional and physical desires in the viewer. This typically includes bondage, body modification, and fantasies such as French maids or nurses. Fetish modeling may also involve focus on fetishized body parts, such as breasts or feet.

Fetish models may appear in still photographs, videos, catwalk shows and on adult pay websites. Many also appear at BDSM fairs and fetish parties.

More About Fetish Model

While fetish models often pose as dominatrices and submissives, they do not necessarily play these roles in their personal lives. They are merely the faces of the fetish industry rather than the practitioners.

Fetish models are considered part of the adult entertainment industry, but some models have enjoyed mainstream appeal after being featured in Playboy magazine. One of the most recognized fetish models was Bettie Page.

Fetish models are typically self-represented rather than represented by agencies.


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