Updated: AUGUST 2, 2021

Feminization is a type of role play that involves imposing traditionally female attributes onto a submissive male partner. Feminization is often used with female dominance. Feminization is typically achieved through cross-dressing. The submissive male partner wears traditionally female clothing. It may also involve the adoption of traditionally feminine behaviors and mannerisms.

Although feminization can be achieved by the submissive male partner dressing in traditionally female clothing, men who enjoy this should not be confused with cross-dressers because their submission is key to their transformation. The men who participate in feminization are not wearing women's clothing simply because they enjoy the feel of the clothing as cross-dressers do. They enjoy being made to transform and become submissive to their dominant partner.

More About Feminization

Feminized men typically wear traditionally female apparel. These men might only wear female undergarments or dress completely in clothes that are seen to be for women. In addition to their dress, feminized men might wear make-up and/or nail polish. They might style their hair in traditionally feminine ways. Some feminized men will also adopt feminine mannerisms and take on traditionally feminine tasks.

Many feminized costumes represent common submissive feminine types such as schoolgirls, "sissy" French maids, secretaries, and princesses.

Dominant partners often feminize their submissive male partner’s name. For example, Stephen might become Stephanie. Daniel might become Danielle. A feminized man might also be called a "good girl," a "slut," or a "whore."

The feminization of men is also often coupled with punishments, such as spanking to ensure full cooperation. In addition to physical punishments, the male partner may be made to beg for an end to the process.


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