Feminist Pornography

Updated: JULY 8, 2019

Feminist pornography is a genre of pornography created specifically with women viewers in mind. Some feminist pornography may also be created or directed by women. The focus of most feminist pornography is female sexuality. It will often contain elements such as real female arousal and real female orgasms.

More About Feminist Pornography

Feminist pornography may seem like a bit of an oxymoron to some, since feminism and pornography have a long and volatile history. Some feminists have viewed pornography as detrimental to the way women are perceived in our society, and as contributing to the "objectification" of women. Others think that feminist pornography can help women become more sexually liberated. They believe that by embracing female sexuality - including through the visual representation of pornographic images - women become more empowered. These views are sometimes associated with the idea of sex-positive feminism.


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