Female Submission

Updated: JANUARY 28, 2017

Female submission describes the act of a woman submitting to the dominance of another sexual partner or partners. This may be a dominant man, a dominant woman, or a group of dominant people. This term may describe non-consensual encounters, but most commonly refers to consensual submission by a woman who derives sexual pleasure from taking a passive role.

More About Female Submission

Female submission may occur when a woman behaves obediently and submits "willingly." This may include when a woman allows her partner to initiate sex, including its place, time, and position. Even the act of a woman being undressed by her partner can be regarded as a form of sexual submission.

Female submission may also occur in a BDSM setting when a woman is bound, gagged, or otherwise restrained. Research suggests that of the 30 percent of females who participate in BDSM activities, 89 percent of heterosexual females prefer to take a submissive role.

Female submission may be a part of role playing or a woman's lifestyle beyond occasional sexual encounters. It may manifest itself in the way she dresses, the way she speaks, or the way she behaves. Common submissive activities include acts of servitude, and the receipt of punishments including erotic spanking, being bound, or being humiliated.

Many dominant partners become aroused by the submission of their female mates. In turn, women who submit for a partner's pleasure tend to take pleasure in their arousal. Female submission may also be seen as a type of flirting or seduction ritual.

Female submission has come under fire by some feminist groups who believe the act oppresses women. However, female subs believe that those who condemn female submission do not understand that it is simply a sexual preference that is far removed from violence against women and patriarchal dominance.

Having said that, there are some partners who will take advantage of a female submissive's nature. Female subs are advised to look for ethical, non-abusive mates when engaging in submissive practices.


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