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Female Orgasmic Disorder

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Female orgasmic disorder (FOD) is the ongoing inability of a woman to reach orgasm regardless of sexual arousal or stimuli. Female orgasmic disorder is typically a lifelong condition which means that women who have it have never acheived orgasm alone or with a partner. Some women who had orgasms in the past lose the ability to climax after sickness, emotional trauma or due to surgery or medication. This is called acquired female orgasmic disorder and is usually a temporary condition.

More About Female Orgasmic Disorder

Women with female orgasmic disorder may find that it is constant or that it is specific to certain circumstances. When it is constant, that is known as generalized female orgasmic disorder. The failure to orgasm is consistent regardless of the partner or setting. If it it specific to certain circumstances, that is known as situational female orgasmic disorder. It occurs only with specific partners or in particular situation.

Female orgasmic disorder can be caused by psychological factors or both physiological and psychological factors, but not physiological factors alone.


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