Female Orgasm

Updated: APRIL 20, 2020

A female orgasm can be achieved in a number of ways, but for up to 80% of women, getting there requires direct clitoral stimulation. Orgasms can also be achieved via vaginal or G-spot stimulation. When a woman has an orgasm, she usually has body and pelvic contractions as well as vocalizations accompanied by intense pleasure. The female orgasm usually lasts longer than the male orgasm; women are also capable of having several orgasms in a row.

More About Female Orgasm

While a man simply needs to stimulate the penis until ejaculation, a woman may stimulate her clitoris, vagina, G-spot, or a combination of these areas, to reach orgasm. The female orgasm has a strong psychological component as well; if a woman feels ashamed or blocked sexually, an orgasm may be difficult, or even impossible, to reach.

The female clitoral orgasm can be achieved through direct manual, oral, or mechanical stimulation. Vibrators are a great way to explore the kind of pressure and movement required for orgasm. G-spot orgasms can be reached through the stimulation of a specific spot inside the roof of the vagina, usually with fingers, but some specialized dildos and vibrators are also available. G-spot orgasms are believed to differ from clitoral orgasms, and may in some cases cause squirting.


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