Updated: DECEMBER 21, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on December 14, 2021

Felching is a term for sucking or eating semen and ejaculate out of an orifice. It is more frequently associated with anal play, but it can also be associated with vaginal deposits.

Felching predominantly occurs after anal or vaginal intercourse. After the person with the penis ejaculates, that person then performs analingus or cunnilingus to extract the semen from the orifice. Some prefer to refer to eating semen out of a vagina as eating creampie, which is essentially the same as felching.

People of any relationship configuration or sexual coupling can engage in felching—the main determining factor is that a penis or ejaculating dildo deposits semen or a substitute inside the orifice. While different people of any gender can enjoy felching, it is most often associated with men who have sex with men.

The exchange of fluids and possibly fecal bacteria in your mouth carries a degree of risk for infection or illness.

More About Felching

Semen can be extracted in different ways. Sometimes it will drip out on its own and can be licked off the anus of vagina. It is possible, though more difficult, to actually suck the semen out. Some folks prefer to insert a straw into the orifice to suck out the semen. This is referred to as shrimping. Others will use a spoon to scoop the semen out. This variation is called yoghurting.

Felching is also sometimes a transitory act toward snowballing. This is where the person who sucked the semen out of the orifice moves up and kisses their partner to share the semen into their mouth. Some may choose to spit or drool the semen into their partner’s open mouth.

Some people opt to use a condom during felching. This can make it easier to gather, extract and and then share the semen.

While oral and anal sex have become more popular and accepted in our current sexual culture, taking the next step to having fluid that has been inside the anus into one’s mouth is an act that many do still find very challenging to accept. The potential of engaging in felching seems to be more palatable if it is the vaginal version.

Despite some efforts, such as douching and using condoms, felching from the anus will always be a higher-risk sexual activity for the potential of passing fecal bacteria and sexually transmitted infections. Fecal-oral contact can transmit the germs that can lead to cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and other serious infections and illnesses. Of sexually transmitted infections, felching, and swallowing semen, increases the chances of contracting herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea. HIV is low-risk for transmission during felching.

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