Published: NOVEMBER 4, 2019

Feederist is an adjective describing something related to feederism, a fetish related to feeding oneself or a sexual partner to induce weight gain. There are feederist websites, images, and pornography.

When used to identify people, the term may be used interchangeably with food fetishist.

More About Feederist

Feederist content helps connect people who identify as feederists and provide outlets for their sexual desires. While people of all sexualities and backgrounds may identify as feederists, most feederist content tends to focus on a heterosexual, white experience of feederism. Some websites, including BellyBuilders and GainerHouse, encourage participation from people of all sexualities though.

While feederist sexual content and fat sexual content both feature plus-size models, the two types of sexual content are quite different. Feederist content rarely shows genitalia or conventional sexual acts. Instead it focuses on the consumption of food, especially desserts and fast foods which quickly put on weight, and the effects of the food on the body. It often stars models considered too large for other sexual content and shows parts of the body that may otherwise be seen as flaws, such as cellulite, stretch marks, and large bellies and thighs. Some feederist content may show a series of images documenting how someone’s body grew over time.

Some suggest that feederists and feederist content may be considered “queer” since they deviate from society’s standards of health, beauty, and desire. However, this is problematic given the term’s association with the LGBTQIA+ community and the dominance of heterosexual content in the feederist community.


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