Updated: AUGUST 8, 2023
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on July 26, 2023

Facesitting is a sexual practice in which a person sits or hovers over their partner's face. This is often done to facilitate oral sex or analingus. It can also be a form of D/s or humiliation play.

To perform facesitting, the bottom partner lies flat on their back. They might lie on the floor or a bed for comfort. Their partner straddles their face and lowers their body down into a sitting position. They may squat or kneel, but it’s a good idea for the top partner to support their own weight for safety. Top partners may face their partner’s face or feet, depending on their preference. They should position themselves so their genitals or anus are in line with the bottom partner’s mouth. In this position, the bottom partner can perform oral sex or analingus.

Assisted Queen Facesitting Sex Position

The top partner usually removes their underwear for facesitting. They may also wear crotchless underwear or get their submissive to pleasure them through their underwear. The bottom partner may be fully clothed, nude, or semi-nude.

Why are people into facesitting?

Top partners may enjoy facesitting as a way to enjoy oral sex or analingus that makes them feel totally in control. Bottom partners often take pleasure from knowing how much they’re turning their partners on. Many bottom partners also enjoy the sensations that they experience during facesitting. While they are not stimulated as the top partner is, many bottom partners love the feeling of the full or partial weight of their partner on their face, the moisture from their partner’s sweat and bodily fluids on their skin, and the darkness that helps them focus on these sensations.

Facesitting is also sometimes known as kinging or queening, depending on the gender of the person sitting on their partner’s face. That’s because the seated partner takes a dominant sitting position, as a royal does on their throne. Throning is a similar, yet gender-neutral, term for this act.

More About Facesitting

Facesitting is sometimes a part of BDSM scenes, particularly Femdom scenes. The person who sits on their partner’s face is usually the dominant partner in these scenes. Facesitting during a BDSM scene can show a dominant partner's superiority and humiliate a submissive. They may use their submissive like human furniture, expecting them to be prepared for facesitting when they demand it. The dominant person may use bondage to physically restrain their submissive before sitting on their face. They could also simply hold them down with the weight of their own body.

Facesitting Tips

A bottom partner can use their free hands to enhance facesitting for the dominant partner. While they perform oral sex or analingus, they might use their hands to touch the top partner’s nipples, clitoris or anus. The combination of stimulation from the hands and mouth at the same time can be incredibly pleasurable for the top partner.

While it is commonly used for oral sex or analingus, some couples may also use facesitting to satisfy urolagnia or coprophilia. In this variation, the couple gets in the traditional facesitting position. Rather than performing oral sex or analingus, the bottom partner waits for the top partner to urinate or defecate on them. They may enjoy the sensation of being urinated or defecated on or eating or drinking their partner’s bodily waste.

Facesitting Safety

While it can be an erotic practice, facesitting can also be dangerous and lead to asphyxiation. To prevent this, the top partner shouldn't sit all the way onto the bottom partner's face. Rather than putting their full weight onto their partner, they should hover slightly. Taking some of the weight off their submissive partner helps them breathe more easily. Couples can use a low stool with an opening in the seat, known as a queening stool, for added safety. A special form of queening stool that locks the bottom partner in place, called a smother box, is another safe alternative.

Facesitting involving coprophilia, especially coprophagia, where the bottom eats feces, carries an additional risk. Feces can carry bacteria and viruses, including HIV and hepatitis A. If the top partner has an infection, they could pass it on to a partner. This might occur if the bottom partner eats the infected feces or the waste comes in contact with their mouth or open wounds.



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