Updated: JULY 14, 2017

Erotographomania is a strong interest or desire to write erotic or romantic literature to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure. This strong interest is more than simply a taste for erotic or romantic literature, and may even be termed an obsession.

Erotographomania is a sub-variant of condition graphomania, which is the need to write excessively. While graphomania does not necessarily imply erotic writing, in some cases it can.

More About Erotographomania

People with erotographomania may feel aroused when writing, writing erotic poems, sensual prose, or love letters. Compulsive drawing or painting of sexually-charged images may also be classed as erotographomania.

Perhaps because of the relatively low number of people that have erotographomania, little scientific research exists on this sexual fetish.

Most people with erotographomania simply accept the condition as part of their sexual identity. However, if a person finds they are spending an unusual amount of time writing erotic literature, or that these practices are interfering with their professional or personal life, they may seek treatment. This treatment may involve behavioral or cognitive therapies, hypnosis, or psychoanalysis.


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