Erotic Blueprint

Published: JUNE 1, 2022

The Erotic Blueprint is an arousal map for individuals that helps them discover their primary erotic style, sexual preferences, and pathways to pleasure. It encompasses how the mind and body are sexually wired, including the types of pleasures one may desire, plus their limits and boundaries. In basic terms, it is a person’s sexual personality, archetype, or “love map”, that defines what turns them on, where and how they want to be touched, as well as how they express their desires and experience “intimacy, arousal, orgasm, and climax”.

The concept of the Erotic Blueprint was developed by Jaiya, a Somatic Sexologist, and sexuality educator, after 20 years of studying “the biology and psychology behind turn-on and attraction”. It encompasses how individuals could become sexually fulfilled through various types of sexual stimulation.

As a sensual self-awareness tool, it is used to help people explore their capacity for arousal, so they may enhance intimacy with themselves and with a potential partner. In romantic relationships, it can aid in fostering open communication, trust, and compassion. Knowing your own, as well as your potential lover’s erotic style can help one find out whom they may be most compatible with, in order to enhance their sex lives.

The Erotic Blueprint types consist of 5 primary erotic styles or “love” languages:

  • Energetic.
  • Sensual.
  • Sexual.
  • Kinky.
  • Shapeshifter.

An individual will usually have one “core” erotic blueprint and various characteristics from other erotic blueprint styles that make up their core sexual identity or archetype. Individuals and their partners can take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz on Jaiya’s website to find their own unique “Pleasure Profile”.

More About Erotic Blueprint

Each Erotic Blueprint has a main sexual archetype as well as a shadow side. The shadow side of each represents a person’s turn-offs or the things that “extinguish their sexual fire”.

The 5 Erotic Blueprints in Detail Are:


The Energetic is said to be hypersensitive, empathic, energetic, spiritual, and enjoys transformational sexual experiences such as energy orgasms and erotic trance. They prefer space over touch. Anticipation, breathwork, eye gazing, and sacred sexuality practices like Tantra may be most appealing. Energetics might experience touchless, non-genital energy orgasms, altered states, and spiritual experiences during sex.

Shadow: Easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation, touch, or emotional energy. Trouble creating healthy boundaries. They may also feel their way of experiencing sex is superior to other styles.


The Sensual type is based on people who are multi-sensory and aroused by their senses. They love creating the perfect atmosphere and mood to immerse themselves in to enhance the sexual experience. They are slow to build desire, enjoying foreplay and the buildup of sexual pleasure. Sensual pleasures would include luxurious surroundings, music, textures, food, exotic scents, romance, and lingering touch. Sensualists might be able to achieve full-body orgasms, and sensory-style orgasms derived from external stimulation other than touch, such as food, music, or breathtaking beauty.

Shadow: Sensualists have trouble getting out of their head, relaxing, and surrendering during sex. They suffer from perfectionism, sexual anxiety, negative body image, and can be hard to please.


This type is a described as a sexual hedonist in the pursuit of the ultimate orgasm and pleasure. They may have an elevated libido and are generally goal-oriented and focused on genital stimulation. Turn-ons include visual erotica, porn, naked bodies, genital stimulation, sexual gratification, orgasm, and frequent sex. Sexual types are outgoing, fun, and easy to please. They get turned on quickly and orgasm easily. Unlike other types, they usually don’t suffer from sexual shame.

Shadow: Sexualists tend to be too goal-orientated, have a narrow idea of sex, and may be unwilling to explore other erotic styles or connect with their partner’s needs. They may suffer from porn addiction and often miss the sensual journey.


Individuals with the kinky blueprint can crave intense erotic experiences, outside the boundaries of what is considered “normal”, according to their own erotic boundaries. They get off on naughty, taboo, and forbidden intimate encounters. They may enjoy power dynamics, pushing the edges of play, BDSM, and sensual and/or psychological experiences from erotic spanking to exploring fantasies and roleplay. Kinkies are very creative and welcome sexual exploration.

Shadow: Kinkies are prone to feelings of deep shame about their desires, and fear being exposed. For this reason, they may have difficulty communicating their “taboo” desires to a partner. They may only be able to orgasm in a specific way.


Shapeshifters are said to be the ultimate fantasy lovers of the spectrum, with a capacity for experiencing a variety of erotic pleasures. They are a combination of all the other Blueprint styles. They may be omnisexual, with a huge capacity for variety, novelty, creativity, excitement, and adventure. Erotically sophisticated, they enjoy a variety of sensations and are multi-orgasmic. Shapeshifters can be described as the elitists and aristocrats of the sexual world, having a variety of specialized skills, experiences, and qualities that make them amazing lovers.

Shadow: Shapeshifters tend to be people-pleasers, which means they often do not get their own desires met. Due to this they can get easily bored and frustrated and may seek our sexual liaisons elsewhere. Their partners may find their multivarious desires confusing, or that they are fickle and hard to please.


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