Electrical Play

Updated: MARCH 23, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on January 24, 2022

Electrical play is any type of BDSM play (sexual or non-sexual) where electricity is used on the body to create different sensations. The most common electrical toys are neon wands, violet wands, and TENS units. Both neon wands and violet wands use static electricity to create a "shocking" feeling on the skin. TENS units work off of the electricity within our bodies to cause involuntary muscular contractions.

More About Electrical Play

Electrosex play is fairly common among BDSM players, as it can be incredibly versatile and used in a variety of scenes. Electrical play is often easy to learn, and is permitted at most public BDSM parties, even those with stricter play guidelines. Enjoyed by beginners and seasoned players alike, electrical toys have a great range in intensity, from very light and sensual to heavy and painful. At its lowest setting, many compare the violet wand to the feeling of warm champagne on the skin. Lower settings on the TENS unit create a deeper muscular throbbing feeling, which can be experienced by some as tingling, prickling, vibrating, or buzzing.

Electrical play is fairly safe over all, but it is important to keep electrical sex toys away from the heart, and they should never be used on people with pacemakers other medical implants, or on people who are pregnant or who have any type of heart condition.


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