Ebi Tie

Updated: MARCH 18, 2018

An ebi tie is a type of Shibari rope bondage tie used within the BDSM community. The ebi tie restricts submissives’ movements and holds them in a seated, doubled over position.

The ebi tie is one of the oldest traditional kinbaku (tight binding) ties, with a history dating back hundreds of years. The tie originated as a means of Japanese torture, but is today used for sexual pleasure and reinforcing roles within a BDSM relationship.

The ebi tie is sometimes called the shrimp tie or the prawn tie.

More About Ebi Tie

To perform an ebi tie, dominants usually tie their submissives with a Ushiro takate kote tie. This box tie holds submissives’ arms down against their chests. Alternatively, dominants could use an elbow tie for greater intensity. Dominants then tie their submissives’ legs, then feet. A rope run then holds submissives’ in a doubled-over cross-legged seated position. This is an unnatural position which may be uncomfortable if the submissive is not flexible.

Dominants can keep their submissives in the seated position or tip them over onto their side. Since the ebi restricts the entire body, there is little a submissive can do to fight against the dominant’s punishments or sexual advances.

Dominants should monitor their submissives closely, as the ebi tie constricts the abdomen and makes breathing more difficult. Submissives may be unable to use their safe words if their breathing is truly compromised, so dominants should vigilantly look for signs of distress and remove the tie quickly if required. Dominants should never leave their submissives unattended in the ebi tie.


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