Updated: OCTOBER 16, 2018

A dyad is a group of two people linked in some way. The individuals which form a dyad may be romantic partners, relatives, colleagues, or people who’ve come together because they share similar interests. The individuals in a dyad may be on equal footing or in a hierarchical relationship. In many respects, dyad is simply an alternative word for couple.

Dyad is a Latin word which comes from the Greek word dyas which means the number two or a group of two.

More About Dyad

Monogamous dyads are the most commonly accepted type of relationship in contemporary Western society. They are often secured through marriage, although they can also be viewed as unstable as the individuals must work together to ensure their success.

Dyad is a sociological term, but it’s also often used by members of the polyamorous community to refer to two people within a polyamorous relationship. The term dyad may also help distinguish between specific relationships within a multi-person relationship network.

Polyamorous people generally refer to their relationships as an open dyad. This means both participants are open to entering into other relationships. At times they may change the status of their relationship to a closed dyad, which means they will not enter into a relationship with anyone outside the dyad.


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