Dressing for Pleasure

Updated: SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

Dressing for pleasure is the practice of wearing visually and sensually stimulating clothes within the BDSM community. The type of clothes a person wears to dress for pleasure will vary depending on their tastes and roles within the community.

Dressing For Pleasure is also the name of an SM boutique in New Jersey and the yearly international fetish event hosted by the boutique.

Dressing for pleasure is sometimes abbreviated to the acronym DFP.

More About Dressing for Pleasure (DFP)

Leather, rubber, silk, lace, and tulle are common materials people wear when dressing for pleasure. Garments such as boots, corsets, body-hugging suits, dresses, and outfits resembling uniforms are also popular. Different outfits reinforce different roles within the BDSM community. Wearing leather, for example, may make dominants feel more powerful.

In mainstream society, flamboyant costumes are often the domain of women alone. However, men in the BDSM community are just as likely to wear elaborate outfits when they dress for pleasure. Some men also like to experiment with women’s clothing, whether they identify as transvestites or not.

Dressing for pleasure serves a number of purposes for members of the BDSM community. It can be a way to outwardly express their personality and desires to separate themselves from the rest of society and show membership to their group. It can also be sexually arousing for both wearer and viewer. For this reason, some regard dressing for pleasure as a kind of foreplay.


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