Dream of Cream

Updated: FEBRUARY 17, 2020

Dream of cream is a slang term for a nocturnal emission, commonly known as a wet dream. This term references the creamy ejaculate which results from the spontaneous orgasms men sometimes experience during sleep.

Dream of cream can be used as a noun, such as in the sentence “I had a dream of cream last night;” as well as a verb, as in the sentence “Did you dream of cream?”

More About Dream of Cream

While females can have wet dreams, they do not ejaculate from these as males do. Because of this, the term dream of cream is only applied to the wet dreams boys and men experience.

Some males wake up during dreams of cream while others sleep through them, only learning of what’s happened when they wake to a wet, sticky mess.

Dreams of cream help release semen which builds up inside a male’s body. They are most common during puberty, but may occur at any time in a male’s life. Some men have fewer dreams of cream when they masturbate or have sex.

Dreams of cream are natural and nothing to feel ashamed over. After a dream of cream, a male should simply clean himself and his genitals with soap and water, then carry on with his day.


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