Double/Triple Domme

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2015
Double and triple domme sessions are BDSM-style sessions which involve one submissive client and more than one dominant participant known as dominatrixes or dommes.

A double domme session sees a single client interacting with two dommes while a triple domme session involves one client and three dommes.

More About Double/Triple Domme

For clients who book double and triple domme sessions being teased, tortured, and tormented by more than one skilled domme multiplies their arousal and pleasure.

Double and triple domme sessions may be arranged with professional masters or mistresses. These sex workers generally have a good relationship with one another and an understanding of their special talents and practices which helps enhance the experience for their clients.

Some double and triple domme sessions involve general BDSM practices while some focus on specific kinks such as sessions with foot fetish mistresses, kidnapping scenes, or lesbian cuckolding scenes.

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