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Double Bedder

Updated: AUGUST 15, 2017

Double bedder commonly describes a situation where someone has sex twice in one day. Alternatively, a person who is attractive enough to make people want to have sex with them twice in a night may also be called a double bedder. In both definitions, double bedder refers to having intercourse, or bedding, twice.

More About Double Bedder

The meaning of double bedder depends on its context. If someone says he had a double bedder yesterday, he’s likely to mean he had sex twice yesterday with two different people.

As this practice is non-monogamous, safe sex is crucial during this type of double bedder. Using a condom during both sexual encounters will protect a person who has a double bedder from contracting sexually transmitted infections. Some people believe anyone who has a double bedder is slutty, while others suggest having a double bedder is an act of sexual liberation.

Alternatively, someone might say, “She is definitely a double bedder.” In this context, the double bedder refers to a woman so attractive that having sex once would not be enough to satisfy. A man could also be referred to as a double bedder in this way. In a slight variation to this meaning, the person could be so attractive that it would take two mattresses, or double bedding, to absorb the intense pounding the speaker wants to give to the other person.


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