Dose of the Clap

Updated: JUNE 15, 2017

A case of gonorrhea is commonly known as a dose of the clap.

There are several theories about the origin of the term. Some suggest that it may be inspired by an old treatment for the disease. This involved clapping the penis hard between the hands or underneath a book, against a table, to expel the discharge commonly associated with the disease. Others believe it may reference the term clapier which is a French word for brothel. The disease was rife through these establishments. Yet another theory suggests that it came from the World Wars when soldiers were often struck down with the disease. The health professionals treating these patients referred to them as having the collapse. As the term evolved, some believe it became known simply as the clap.

The term the clap has fallen out of favor, but is still used in some circles today.

More About Dose of the Clap

Most females and some males with the clap are asymptomatic. It can be difficult to know whether you or your partner have the disease. For this reason, it’s important to use a condom when engaging in vaginal or anal sex. Dental dams can also prevent spread of the disease during oral sex. A caesarian section is recommended for pregnant women with the disease to avoid passing the clap on to newborn babies.

The most common symptoms for males are a yellow penile discharge and a burning feeling during urination. Some females also notice unusual discharge from their vaginas and pain during urination or in the lower belly. Sore throats are also common for men and women with the clap.

If the clap is left untreated, it can lead to infertility, prostate and testes problems in males, and pelvic inflammatory disease in females.

A course of antibiotics is usually prescribed to cure the clap.


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