Updated: DECEMBER 6, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers

Docking is a sex act where two people use their foreskins to connect their penises. The practice is most common among homosexual and bisexual couples, but some heterosexual people also enjoy docking with friends.

Two uncircumcised people or one uncircumcised person and a circumcised partner can practice docking. Both people have full erections to enjoy docking. They either stand, sit, or lie down and put the heads of their penises together, tip to tip.

If two uncircumcised people want to practice docking, one person pulls their foreskin back and holds it in place. Meanwhile, their partner stretches their own foreskin open and pulls it forward over the head and shaft of the exposed partner’s penis. Moving the foreskin over the exposed partner’s penis holds both penises together in place. If one person is circumcised, their uncircumcised partner connects their penises by pulling their foreskin forward over the circumcised head.

Two people with circumcised penises may use a masturbation sleeve that is open on both ends to simulate docking with foreskins. Both circumcised penises are inserted into the masturbation sleeve, which is then moved back and forth to stimulate both penises simultaneously.

Once joined together, the couple may thrust backward and forwards, gaining sexual pleasure from the friction caused by the giving partner’s tightly stretched foreskin moving over the head of the receiving partner’s penis. Alternatively, one or both people may masturbate the penises. Ejaculation often occurs, but it isn’t an essential part of docking. People who practice docking say the practice can lead to very intense and powerful orgasms. As docking puts couples face to face, it can also be a good way to build intimacy.

This slang term comes from the original use of the word docking, the joining together of two space vehicles. During docking, two penises come together, just like a space shuttle and space station do. Docking is sometimes called male docking or penis docking. Some people distinguish between dry docking, before ejaculation, and wet docking, which occurs if the couple ejaculates at the same time during docking.

More About Docking

People can practice docking as a standalone sexual activity or with other sex acts. Many couples start with frottage, or rubbing their genitals together, before docking. They may also separate to masturbate or perform analingus or anal sex.

The longer the giving partner’s foreskin is, the easier docking is. Many giving partners aim to cover as much of their partner’s penis with their foreskin as possible. People with short, tight foreskins may struggle to practice docking. Stretching the foreskin regularly can make docking easier. Lubrication with a commercial lube or pre-ejaculate fluid can also make connecting the penises easier.

Docking can be very enjoyable, but it is often best when both parties are gentle with one another’s penises. Being overly aggressive or forceful during docking can cause some pain. Manipulating the foreskin for docking can also be uncomfortable. Foreskins can also become torn or overstretched, so you should be careful if attempting this sex act. Docking can also irritate the penis’ sensitive skin, causing itchiness or rashes. Moisturizing regularly with a vitamin E cream or shea butter can reduce the risk of irritation and keep the penis in its best condition. Docking may also spread sexually transmitted infections and yeast infections. The risk of transmitting or contracting HIV through docking is incredibly small, with no known cases reported.

As with many acts for sexual gratification, docking can be a fetish for some people. As with most fetishes, a fetish for docking usually doesn’t cause any psychological harm. People with a docking fetish may form productive relationships with others who share their fetish or sexual interest. Docking may become a couple's main form of sexual expression, but this isn’t usually a problem unless it starts impacting the fetishist’s personal or professional life. If you feel an interest in docking may be becoming unhealthy, speaking to a counselor can help you find balance and feel comfortable with this part of your sexual identity.


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