Digital Anal Probe

Updated: MAY 10, 2021

Digital anal probe is a term for a service offered in the sex industry in which a prostitute, inserts their finger into the anus of their client.

Digital anal probe is often shortened to the acronym DAP, especially in the menus of sex workers and the field reports of their clients.

More About Digital Anal Probe

A prostitute typically inserts one or two fingers into their client’s anus during a digital anal probe. Massaging the prostate, a walnut-shaped gland located beneath the bladder, can help bring the client to orgasm more quickly.

The prostate isn’t the only pleasurable part of the anus. This part of the anatomy has millions of sensitive nerve endings, which can all give a client pleasure during a digital anal probe. A man must be submissive and vulnerable during a digital anal probe, and this mindset can also be arousing.

It’s very unlikely that a client will contract HIV from a digital anal probe but other infections may be transmitted as bacteria lives in feces. For this reason, most prostitutes insist that the anus and surrounding area be thoroughly cleaned prior to the procedure. Finger condoms can also minimize the risk of spreading disease. Lubricant can make it easier for a prostitute to insert their fingers, reduce the risk of tearing the anus, and also enhance the pleasure of their client.


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